Service separates us from the competition. You need it; we provide it. Premier service has always been the hallmark of MCT.

To do that the equipment must be the right size, the right kind and operating in good condition. The drivers must know what, how, and when to do what they need to do to move the freight. The support staff of fleet managers, customer service representatives, salespeople, mechanics, safety supervisors, and others play their parts in listening, anticipating, and responding to the needs of the customer.

MCT has the good fortune of committed, experienced people in both administrative capacities and inside the cab of the trucks. Financial stability and a solid base of major shipping customers keep us competitive and able to meet the mission.

48 State Full Truckload Services

We transport both dry goods and commodities that require protective
services. Twenty-four hour satellite tracking and EDI are standard services we provide our customers. With both solo and team drivers, we deliver on time.

Dedicated fleet service

We have contracts with several shipping partners for dedicated fleet services. We tailor-make and deliver a service plan to meet our valued customers’ needs. Contact us about your unique requirements.

Regional service

Chicago, Illinois, Cinnicinati, Ohio, Sanford, Florida and Sioux Falls, SD are hubs for our regional fleet operations.

Florida Foliage

MCT operates the largest LTL foliage consolidation/shipping operation in Florida located at our Sanford terminal.

Reliable Equipment


MCT is distinctive in that our fleet is mainly comprised of independent contractors. No other long-haul trucking company has been able to perfect this formula using mainly independent business owners, providing unequalled customer service, like MCT has. We’ve been extraordinarily successful with this business structure for over 60 years.

About 60% of the tractor fleet is comprised of fleet owners, that is, multiple truck owners who employ professional drivers in both solo and team operations. Many are in their second generation of family fleet ownership. The other 40% is comprised of individual, single truck owner operators. MCT contractors take great pride in the quality, appearance, and reliable performance of their equipment.  We offer excellent programs that help our contractors keep their equipment upgraded. And, of course, the trucks are equipped with Qualcomm satellite tracking and communications systems.

MCT operates about 1,100 trailers.

Other specialty equipment and capacity is also available. Our MCT Logistics team can fix you up. Plus, as part of a half billion dollar group of truck lines, storage facilities, and leasing firms through Comcar Industries, we’ve got the resources to meet all of your transportation needs.

Reliable People

MCT’s most valuable resource is the people who work in the service of our customers. Our average length of service is over twelve years. Together with the fresh talent of newer MCT people, that’s a lot of experience at work for you.

MCT has developed a thorough driver training and accountability program to ensure the freight is handled with the utmost care not only to prevent damage, but also to promote safety and protect the environment. In addition, we take special pride in the path of opportunities available for drivers to become independent businessmen and women with a stake in the success of their businesses, our business, and your business. Their personal investment translates to personal service for our customers.

MCT staff members also work on-site at several of our major shipping customers, coordinating transportation services to ensure the highest level of performance. Our customers trust and depend on us to help them make the most of their transportation budgets.

Experience, quality equipment, and dedicated people- all vital resources for MCT in the service of our customers.


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