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The driver walked into the room. He was nervous. What would he say? What would he do? He had been writing to the classroom full of active fifth graders for nine months, sending postcards, letters, photographs and small maps of his travels. But he had no idea what to do on this visit to his Trucker Buddy class. As he would soon discover, there was no reason to worry. When the teacher announced him to the class, a dozen hands raised to the air. The children were loaded with questions for him to answer. "How many gallons of fuel does your truck hold?" "Where do you sleep?" "How many miles do you travel in a day?" "Do you have a pet?" "How heavy is your truck?"

The children had more questions than there was time to answer and the driver's fear of what to say had long since vanished.

What is Trucker Buddy?
A pen pal program, Trucker Buddy was created by former driver, Gary King. He contacted the principal of a local elementary school during a lonely period in his life and gained permission to exchange letters from the road with a class. When his driver friends saw all the letters he was receiving, they asked if he could set them up with pen pal classes, too.

Gary and his wife, Carol, founded the nonprofit organization, Trucker Buddy International, in 1993, and quickly began matching professional truck drivers as pen pals with second to eighth grade classes. MCT has over 40 drivers volunteering as Trucker Buddies this year. Many of the drivers correspond with multiple classes so that about 2,000 kids hear from an MCT professional each week.

Through the program, the children learn geography, history and current information about the United States. They also work on math by figuring mileage and gallons of fuel used during trips, and they improve their writing and spelling skills through letters to their Trucker Buddies. The best part - it makes learning fun for the children and it gives drivers a way to give back to the community, even while on the road.

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MCT Sponsors Trucker Buddy and Supports Driver Volunteers
MCT became sponsors of Trucker Buddy International in the spring of 1997 and continue to support the program this way.

As part of our commitment to the program and our drivers, MCT appointed a Trucker Buddy Coordinator who assists the drivers, promotes the program to other drivers, and recognizes the drivers participating in the program.

Additional support comes in the form of a "Care-Package," comprised of truck-themed promotional items supplied by MCT for the children of the Trucker Buddy classes.


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